February 1st 2017

FEBRUARY 1st  2017

This month we are welcoming a representative from the London Air Ambulance.  This should be a very informative and useful talk. We don't know when we might need this very valuable service and they rely on donations to keep going so we need to support them! 

Don't forget to bring your cup or mug and donations of cake or biscuits are always welcomed!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.


We hope you have had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year.
This first meeting of the year is the annual subscription meeting so hopefully you will be organised to make the payment unless  of course you have done so by bacs.  
We have Councillor Bright coming to speak to us about her role as the borough Women's Ambassador.
We also have the representative of a local food bank coming. Don't forget to bring your donation. The list of suitable donations have been sent to you via email.
The Raffle money this money will be donated to our charity the Barking and Dagenham Carers.
Don't forget to read up about the resolutions because we will be voting at this meeting. Bring along your WI Life.